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About Us

Our idea was to create straightforward, high-quality resources that were aligned to the curriculum and helped raise achievement at school and beyond.  We really wanted to make a difference to the students we taught, and when they proved highly successful, we then wanted to share them with others.  

15 years on our idea has really taken off with a growing business and more products being developed which are being sold not only in New Zealand but also internationally. 

The Step Up Team

Step Up Resources is owned and operated by Katharine Beaumont and Sandra Edkins.  

Katharine is an experienced teacher who has taught in all levels of the New Zealand education system, and has specialist knowledge in the maths (primary and secondary) and reading (junior primary) areas.  She has also owned and operated tuition centres and taught gifted and talented education programmes.

Sandra is also an experienced teacher who has taught in several primary schools and tutored students.  She has worked largely in multi-level classrooms and developed her own teaching resources over the years to cater for class programmes and individual students' needs.  Creative and innovative, it is her inspiration and ideas that have formed many of the Step Up Resources.

Katharine and Sandra have been teaching and working together since 1998.  Katharine lives in Christchurch and handles the marketing side of the business, while Sandra handles the administrative side from their business base in the Waikato.  Both contribute to the writing of new resources.

"Sometimes learning is like a puzzle where the pieces are there but not all in place.  With your help, our resources aim to find the missing pieces and fill the gaps enabling students to move up to the next level."