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Numeracy in a Nutshell Series

A comprehensive set of numeracy resources that are in line with the Maths NZ website and the Numeracy curriculum currently taught in New Zealand schools.  The series comprises teaching books, activity CDs, charts & cards and computer software.

Handbook - outlines the knowledge and strategies for each stage, contains diagnostic tests and includes guidelines for using the teaching books and CDs.  Printed book format. Also available in Te Reo Maori.

Diagnostic Tests - when you buy the Handbook you have the option of purchasing a set of the diagnostic tests with your school or learning centre's name on the header of each test.  PDF format.

Teaching Books Stages 1-8 - each book contains teaching points and activities, practical and written student activities, reinforcement homework activities, tests and checklists.  Printed book format. Also available in Te Reo Maori as a set with the Handbook and the Charts & Cards.

Activity CDs Stages 1-8 - each activity CD corresponds to the teaching book of the same stage and contains additional worksheets, games and a maintenance programme to reinforce every area covered.  PDF format.

Charts & Cards - full colour A4 reference charts and cards that outline the knowledge and strategies contained in the numeracy series.  PDF format. Also available in Te Reo Maori.

JUST RELEASED:  Numeracy in a Nutshell - Te Reo Maori version.  Sold as a set containing the Handbook, Teaching Books Stages 1-8 and Charts & Cards. NB: Teaching activity pages are in English and all student activity pages and tests are in Te Reo. 

STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT:  Computer Software.  Computer activities that support the learning in the series.  Every area of knowledge and strategy covered from Stage 1 to Stage 8.

Basic Facts Series

Basic Fact Sets - 8 sets arranged into 3 levels that cover the addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts that support the numeracy skills from Stage 2 to Stage 6. PDF format.

Tables Activities - activity sheets for each times table from 2x to 10x that give a range of methods for the learning of the table, moving sequentially from concept to practice to mastery.  PDF format.

Essential Spelling Series 

Centred on the Essential Spelling Lists which are the words that are found most frequently in writing, it is important that students know these words by the end of Primary School.  Some have common spelling patterns and some are irregular.  In the resources the words from each Essential Spelling List have been arranged into learning sets according to similarities in phonic structure or syntax.  All Essential spelling resources delivered electronically.

Handbook - outlines the Essential Spelling lists words and gives both general guidelines and a suggested classroom programme.  Comes free with purchases of either Essential Spelling 1-4 or Essential Spelling 5-8.  PDF format.

Essential Spelling lists 1-4 - words found in 10 to 25% of writing.  A variety of approaches to learn the words.  PDF format.  

Essential Spelling lists 5-8 - words found in up to 5% of writing and List 8 is commonly misspelled words.  A variety of approaches to learn the words.  PDF format.  

Spelling Activities and Games - activities designed for use with any spelling list.  This comes free with purchases of Essential Spelling Lists 1-8. PDF format.

Introduction to Reading Series

Graded reading sets aimed at younger readers learning to reading or for whom English is a second language.  Each set contains kit set reading books, activity sheets, homework sheets, flashcards and check sheets.  The sets cover NZ reading levels 1-11 and incorporate reading strategies used in NZ schools.  All reading resources delivered electronically.

Introduction to Reading Set A - Levels 1-2  10 lessons.  PDF format.  

Introduction to Reading Set B - Levels 3-5  10 lessons.  PDF format. 

Introduction to Reading Set BC - Levels 6-8  10 lessons.  PDF format.  

Introduction to Reading Set C - Level 9-11  10 lessons.  PDF format. 

Cloze Introductory Activities - a low level cloze reading set that reinforces reading and monitoring skills in beginner readers.  It uses the sight words from the Introduction to Reading series.  PDF format.  

Writing Sets

These resources cover the skills needed to become effective and accurate writers.  All writing resources delivered electronically.

Creative Writing Toolbox by Mel Hikuroa - Whenever you write, this is the toolbox you should use. This resource breaks down creative writing into specific skills with separate exercises with the intention that a student can then apply them to a written piece.  Recommended for any classroom or learning centre.  PDF format.

Writing Activities
- task sheets that make writing a 'breeze'.  Includes a variety of genre and text types and a section on the basics of paragraph writing.  PDF format.

Story Starters -
month by month grids and a range of story starter activity cards from which children can quickly choose a topic to write on. PDF format.

Sentence Skills
- proof-reading sheets containing 50 tasks that are graded from low level to high level.  Reinforces spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.  PDF format.

Phonics Sets

Sets of activity sheets that cover basic alphabet sounds through to phonic chunks to help build strong and effective writing and reading skills. These sets aim to support classroom phonic skills programmes.

Alphabet Activities - beginner alphabet activities that cover the sounds, the formation of all the alphabet letters, words associated with each letter, and simple sound blending to create new words.  Two levels:  Alphabet Sounds and Alphabet Blending.  PDF format.

Phonic Activities - activity sheets that teach letter combinations and phonic chunks in a structured way.  Three levels:  Phonics Beginner, Phonics Intermediate & Phonics Advanced.  Each level contains tests and checklists and there is an alphabetic index if you are searching for a specific letter chunk.  PDF format.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Other Resources

Active E Task Cards - Created by Tim Morgan. 

Game sequences showing you exactly what to do and say to bring about increased critical reflection in physical activity settings. Great reviews from all who have been using these task cards in their classrooms and schools.  Aimed for Year 4-11 students. Tim is a Deputy Principal and he is a former physical education advisor, lecturer and freelance consultant.  PDF format.