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Does your child need help with reading, writing, spelling or maths? 

The Tutoring Centre was part of the NZ Kip McGrath tutoring franchise, but has been running as an independent Centre since the beginning of 2015. Our tutoring team is strong, dedicated and experienced. 

Our Tutoring Philosophy: 
• Providing parents with honest and open feedback on where their child is at 
• Individual programmes written for each child and constantly adjusted to suit needs 
• Tutors who are qualified and experienced teachers 
• Very low tutor to student ratios, mostly 1 to 3 
• Raise self-confidence in a subject and the child's whole attitude improves 
• For remedial students, begin at a level that gives instant success and build on from there 

What We Do: 
Our programmes are designed for NZ students and use a combination of computer activities and book work. We also cater for specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. All programmes are individualised to a student's particular needs based on an initial assessment and school information. 
Our sessions are organised into small groups of up to 3 students working with a trained teacher. Most tutors work part-time in schools so are up-to-date with current curriculum and learning trends. Students are on individual programmes and not taught as a group. We see independent learners developing faster as they are encouraged to give things a go in a supportive environment where they can still get help whenever they need. 

Tuition available: 
Primary School 
• support for the first years at school 
• maths tutoring, including the numeracy approach 
• literacy, including reading, comprehension, written language and spelling 
Secondary School 
• Maths tutoring to Year 10 
• English tutoring to Year 10 
• Specialist tutoring for Years 11 and 12 in maths and English upon enquiry and upon availability of tutors 

We see failure and 'can't do' turn into success and 'can do'. Confidence grows and so does achievement. 

Contact Jill or Katharine today to discuss your child's needs and to book FREE assessment 

Phone:  307 6252  or (027) 361 8362

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Address:  74 Park Street, Ashburton (upstairs in the Sinclair Community Centre)